Lil' but Mighty Synthesis and Compre Camp

Camp Details

Camp fees: $260

Duration: 2 days X 3 hours 15mins a day (inclusive of a 15min break)

Level: Primary 6

Workshop class size: 6 students

Workshop Dates:

Location Timeslot (for both days) Dates
Clementi AM Session (10AM - 1PM) 12th - 13th December 2019
PM Session (2PM - 5PM) 2nd - 3rd December 2019
5th - 6th December 2019
12th - 13th December 2019
Beauty World Centre AM Session (10AM - 1PM) 4th - 5th December 2019
6th - 7th December 2019
9th - 10th December 2019
PM Session (2PM - 5PM) 4th - 5th December 2019
6th - 7th December 2019
Hougang AM Session (10AM - 1PM) 9th - 10th December 2019
PM Session (2PM - 5PM) 3rd - 4th December 2019
6th - 7th December 2019

Enrolment limited to the first 72 Primary 5 & 6 students!

Blind practice DOES NOT make perfect.

I try so hard but I don’t succeed…  (Coldplay)

Why is this so? Practising blindly without understanding your mistakes means that you are likely to repeat your mistakes over and over again. The solution is to understand why you were wrong and make sure that you avoid making that same mistake again when you have the chance to attempt another question.

Just read and do the question, NOT!

Whether it is a question on sentence synthesis or comprehension, reading it carefully is only the first step. To increase your chances of bagging that mark, you need to know the steps to arrive at the correct answer and minimise error. Even more importantly, how you can easily do so with the clock ticking in the countdown towards PSLE.

Lil' but Mighty Synthesis and Compre Camp!

Is your child facing any of the following while attempting the synthesis and comprehension sections?


  1. scoring 0 to 4 points despite repeated practice

  2. unable to identify question types (e.g. active/ passive voice question)

  3. confused about tenses required for the answer

  4. unsure of sentence structures

  5. missing out words and/or spelling given words wrongly in the answer

LBM PSLE Synthesis Stick


  1. find the passage hard to understand

  2. have no idea how to break down and check for understanding of the passage

  3. unable to identify question types and requirements

  4. not scoring for table-form questions (True/ False, Cause/ Effect etc.)

  5. not giving necessary details to answer the question (insufficient details or too much details) 

It is time to stop groping in the dark by working those questions with a clear idea of what they are and what needs to be done to find the answers.

Enrolment limited to the first 72 Primary 5 & 6 students!

LBM PSLE Synthesis and Compre Camp!
Ian benefited greatly from the 2-day workshop, learning tips to tackle challenging questions and minimise careless mistakes in the Synthesis/Transformation and Comprehension sections of the PSLE English Paper 2. He found the Comprehension Revision especially useful, as the revision focuses on how to effectively answer the various types of questions (e.g. table form, cause/effect) asked in open-ended Comprehension, which has been a section that he hasn’t been scoring well despite being under the tutelage of another popular English tuition centre for the past 2 years. As a parent, I’m satisfied that Ian had a fulfilling 2 days of learning and acquired valuable answering skills that he can apply in his future English examinations.
— Caryn, parent of Ian, Maris Stella High School (Primary)

PSLE Synthesis and Compre Camp Instructors!

Get ready for your camp master, Ms Liew, to get your adrenaline pumping at the PSLE Synthesis and Comprehension Camp! Learn the best strategies to understand a passage and question types, as well as steps to answering accurately and completely. At Lil’ but Mighty, the teachers find great fulfilment in helping lil ones grow in confidence to tackle commonly tested and challenging questions in the PSLE. 

Course Features:

1. Focus on essential question types commonly tested in PSLE


  1. Reported Speech

  2. Active Passive Voice

  3. Conditionals (unless / until)

  4. Transformation (e.g. change in word forms, Having…, Despite/ In spite of etc.)


  1. Open-ended questions (direct, inferential etc.)

  2. Table-form questions (True/ False, Cause/ Effect, Sequencing etc.)

2. Guided practice for both synthesis and comprehension

3. Overall synthesis quiz to assess learning

4. Annotated answer keys for child and parents as reference after the course

Lil' but Mighty PSLE English Intensive Compre and Synthesis Workshop

This course will be helpful if your child:

  1. wants to identify essential question types for synthesis and comprehension

  2. likes systematic learning of the different steps to answer different questions

  3. needs help in seeing the relationships in table-form comprehension questions to score

  4. would like to be equipped with techniques to better understand a reading passage

  5. wants to stop losing marks for careless errors

Practice makes perfect. Join us and pick up the techniques for these two components to make your practice count now!

My daughter has benefited from the two days synthesis and comprehension camp. Under the guidance of Mrs chew and Ms Siow, my daughter has a better understanding of the rules applied on synthesis and answering techniques on comprehension.
— Mrs Oh, parent of Chloe


Enrolment limited to the first 72 Primary 5 & 6 students!

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We came to know Lil’ but Mighty though their website. They shared many good tips and useful guides for my two girls. We signed up for the online Grandma Gammar Bites course and find it really convenient and easy to understand. With these, I decided to sign up my girl for the Synthesis and Comprehension workshop during this December holiday. This workshop is an excellent revision during the holidays and also provides good notes for different synthesis and comprehension questions. My girl has benefited much from it. We are looking forward to Lil’ but Mighty’s online Synthesis course coming soon.
— Lynn, parent of Lovelle, Primary 6