Lil' but Mighty PSLE English Oral Workshop

PSLE Oral Workshop
(Stimulus-based Conversation)

Hi all, we are excited to announce that our PSLE Oral English Workshop for 2019 is out! To help prepare your children for the upcoming PSLE English Oral, we will be organising a crash course focusing on the essential techniques for stimulus-based conversation. Come join us and see your children increase in confidence as they gear up for the oral examination! 

If you have any queries and would like to speak to us about the workshop, do give us a call at 8311 6157 or email us at

Workshop Details

  • two sessions

  • 2 hours per session

  • 5 students per workshop

  • course fees at $200

Workshop Date:

(Clementi) 12th (Thurs) and 13th (Fri) of Sep - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The workshop is also bundled with the Lil' Chatterbox (online lessons that you can access from home to learn and revise strategies for reading and stimulus-based conversation).

Students enrolled into the workshop will be required to complete the Lil' Chatterbox online course before attending the workshop classes.

Lil' Chatterbox Course Features

Lil' Chatterbox Workshop - Testimonial
I thoroughly enjoyed the Lil’ Chatterbox Workshop which I found useful and interesting. Throughout the workshop, I had opportunities to learn through interaction with my classmates. It is definitely an engaging workshop with hands-on activities to help me improve my oral. I also like how the teacher guided me as I crafted my answers. Lastly, the ClassDojo point system made learning fun and motivating. Overall, I find the workshop awesome!
— Ho Sheng Le, Primary 6, Horizon Primary

Workshop Sessions

Every single mark counts in your child’s overall English marks and achieving a good score for Oral definitely makes a difference. We know the most challenging part of the oral examination is often the Stimulus-Based Conversation section. How can you help your child to secure that few more marks that will give them an edge? It all boils down to having a clear structure and confidence to apply that structure as they answer.

Come build your child’s confidence for the upcoming PSLE Oral examination with us. During the workshop, we will:

  • FAMILIARISE our unique RASE strategy with the children

  • CLARIFY any doubts that your children have regarding the strategy

  • Have opportunity for your children to APPLY the RASE strategy in answering

  • Provide FEEDBACK to your children on their current strengths and weakness

  • COVER a range of questions of various topics and types to provide exposure to the children


Enrolment limited to the first 5 students!

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