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Lil' but Mighty P5 ADAPT PROGRAMME
My son enjoys his lessons very much and his English grade has improved tremendously, from 75 in SA1 to 83 in SA2. I am confident that he will continue to achieve his best for PSLE next year with Lil’ but Mighty.
— Emily, parent of Wei Hong, Rulang Primary School (P5 ADAPT PROGRAMME)

Lil' but Mighty P6 ACHIEVE PROGRAMME Review
Shaun came to Lil But Mighty at the beginning of Primary 5. He enjoyed going for class because he finds the lesson fun and interactive. The class size is not too big and thus interaction among students and teacher is great. Shaun especially likes the ClassDojo point giving system as he can exchange for gifts! He also commented that Lil But Mighty worksheets and notes are well-organised and easy to understand.
Lastly, I would like to thank the Lil’ but Mighty team for being acccomodating when I request for make-up lesson and being helpful in answering my queries. Overall, Shaun definitely has a memorable and enriching lessons for the past two years. Thank you Lil’ but Mighty!
— Jessie, parent of Shaun, A* for PSLE, Henry Park (P6 ACHIEVE PROGRAMME)

Lil’ but Mighty’s blog posts on how to tackle the PSLE methodically caught my attention in 2014, when I was preparing my eldest daughter’s PSLE. The Situational Writing tips were outstanding. I subsequently used their blog posts to prepare both my elder children’s PSLE in 2015 and 2016.

My youngest child enrolled in Lil’ but Mighty’s P3 English tuition in early 2017. The pedagogy of Lil’ but Mighty is targeted towards helping children overcome common mistakes, teaching useful Paper 2 examination strategies, and broad- brush polishing of Paper 1 (oral and composition) techniques.

The tuition classes at Lil’ but Mighty helped my child achieve superior 2017 P3 results at Nan Hua Primary School. I am very thankful towards Lil’ but Mighty and would highly recommend this as a supplement towards learning, and particularly, in tackling the demands of the PSLE. Classes are engaging too. My child enjoyed it very much. Many thanks to the Lil’ but Mighty Team.
— Mrs Tan, parent of Ashley, Nan Hua Primary School (P3 UNPACK PROGRAMME)

Gladys looks forward to her lessons at Lil’ but Mighty as the lessons are very interactive and she is able to learn through fun and quizzes. Most importantly, she is able to apply what was taught. With the small class size, she can clarify her doubts quickly with the teacher whenever she encounters difficulties. The techniques taught like iDoT and TAPS are certainly valuable as they help Gladys to tackle examination questions in the most efficient and effective way. I also like the emphasis on vocabulary and good phrases especially through some of the spelling exercises which allow Gladys to remember and use them in her composition writing. I am keen to see Gladys continue her growth at Lil’ but Mighty.
— Janice, parent of Gladys (P5 ADAPT PROGRAMME)

Lil' but Mighty P5 English Tuition review
Jayden joined Lil but Mighty’s P5 ADAPT PROGRAMME in September 2017. Within 8 lessons, he managed to improve his scores from mid 50s in SA1 to mid 70s for SA2. As a result, he was awarded for showing the best improvement in English Language in his cohort.

We knew all these would not have been possible without the guidance and patience of Lil but Mighty teacher - Miss Delia Siow. A message would be sent to me after each lesson to keep me informed what was taught, assignments, what was Jayden’s common mistakes and the grammar rules to take note. All these helped us a lot when we were preparing him for SA2.

For any kids still struggling to master the English language, I would highly recommend Lil but Mighty. Their cozy and small class size helps the kids to focus and interact better with the teachers. Jayden enjoyed very much with the class as he is not afraid to raise questions and learn from his mistakes.

I would like to thank the teachers and staff for their dedication and learning program. English language should be taught in a fun way and those blog materials were very helpful too. To those who are still trying to find a good fit for their child, do give Lil but Mighty a try.
— Celene, parent of Jayden, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (P5 ADAPT PROGRAMME)