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Components covered:


Synthesis & Comprehension Camp

This course will be helpful if your child:

  1. wants to identify essential question types for synthesis and comprehension

  2. likes systematic learning of the different steps to answer different questions

  3. needs help in seeing the relationships in table-form comprehension questions to score

  4. would like to be equipped with techniques to better understand a reading passage

  5. wants to stop losing marks for careless errors

Practice makes perfect. Join us and pick up the techniques for these two components to make your practice count now!

Synthesis and Comprehension Testimonial
Ian benefited greatly from the 2-day workshop, learning tips to tackle challenging questions and minimise careless mistakes in the Synthesis/Transformation and Comprehension sections of the PSLE English Paper 2. He found the Comprehension Revision especially useful, as the revision focuses on how to effectively answer the various types of questions (e.g. table form, cause/effect) asked in open-ended Comprehension, which has been a section that he hasn’t been scoring well despite being under the tutelage of another popular English tuition centre for the past 2 years. As a parent, I’m satisfied that Ian had a fulfilling 2 days of learning and acquired valuable answering skills that he can apply in his future English examinations.
— Caryn, parent of Ian, Maris Stella High School (Primary)


Oral (Stimulus-Based Conversation) Workshop

During the workshop, we will:

  • familiarise our unique RASE strategy with the children

  • clarify any doubts that your children have regarding the strategy

  • have opportunity for your children to APPLY the RASE strategy in answering

  • provide FEEDBACK to your children on their current strengths and weakness

  • cover a range of questions of various topics and types to provide exposure to the children

Come build your child’s confidence for the upcoming Oral examination with us.

Oral Workshop Testimonial
I thoroughly enjoyed the Lil’ Chatterbox Workshop which I found useful and interesting. Throughout the workshop, I had opportunities to learn through interaction with my classmates. It is definitely an engaging workshop with hands-on activities to help me improve my oral. I also like how the teacher guided me as I crafted my answers. Lastly, the ClassDojo point system made learning fun and motivating. Overall, I find the workshop awesome!
— Ho Sheng Le, Primary 6, Horizon Primary

The Write Recipe: GAME ON!

Set against the backdrop of a game, this creative writing workshop will:

  1. teach you to describe a setting vividly using your five senses

  2. introduce two ways of building up towards the climax of a story via characters and insertion of clues

  3. provide you with a framework (AIM) to create compelling characters

  4. aid you in adding details to the climax of a story

  5. show the transference and application of techniques in composition writing

Creative Writing Workshop Testimonial
The Write Recipe: Game On! Workshop was fun and interesting. I learnt a wide range of vocabulary and many new phrases. I enjoy having many fun hands-on activities like searching the surroundings for objects for a writing task. I learnt how to write a more developed story and replace words with other better ones. If I had the opportunity to, I would recommend my friends to join The Write Recipe: Game On! workshop too as it is exciting and enjoyable :)
— Adeline, parent of Cristel, River Valley Primary School, Primary 4

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