Grammar Grandma Bites P5/P6

1. Over 30 bite-size video lessons!

2. Unique strategies to tackle a wide range of grammar topics e.g. subject-verb agreement, neither/either type questions, collective nouns etc.

3. Targeted at P5 to P6 pupils (Or just anyone who wish to have a good grasp of grammar rules!)

Lil' but Mighty Online Course Testimonial
“We first learnt about Lil’ but Mighty from our children. They happened to chance upon their online tips and found them very helpful. We decided to sign Caitlin up for both the tuition class and the online course “Grammar Grandma Bites”. Having gone through the online course with Caitlin, we can appreciate the amount of thought and effort that have been put into the planning and structuring of the content and presentation. We too have benefitted greatly from the course. Like all parents who would like to support their children in their learning journey and revision, we found that the course has provided us with a helpful framework and enough strategies to reinforce the key points learnt in school and during tuition. We highly recommend that parents and students go through the online course together.
— Mr and Mrs Lim, Parent of Caitlin Primary 6, Nanyang Primary School

Grammar Grandma Light Bites (P3/P4)

1. Over 30 bite-size video lessons!

2. Unique strategies to tackle a wide range of grammar topics

3. Targeted at all P3 and P4 pupils who wish to have a solid foundation in grammar and take on upper primary with confidence

4. 12 Overall revision worksheets and 22 topical worksheets included (over 300 practice questions in total!)

Grammar Grandma Light Bites Review
Each bite-sized lesson focuses on a single theme, which makes it easy for my child to understand what Grandma Light Bites is trying to achieve.

Each lesson is well-paced with clear presentation and is filled with tips and situation examples. This helps my child to immediately apply what is taught during the lesson which improves his understanding of the topic better.

My son enjoys going through the lessons as he felt the lessons are easily digestible and he is able to participate along with the presentation.
— Philip, parent of Linus, Primary 4, Princess Elizabeth Primary School

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