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Synthesis Skill-wers

1. 30 over bite-sized video lessons! (On Golden Rules for synthesis and focused question types)

2. Unique strategies to tackle a wide range of synthesis question types e.g. Active/Passive voice, Direct/Indirect Speech, No sooner had… than…, Not only… but also etc.

3. Topical worksheets accompanying each video consisting of at least 5 questions + A bonus 20-question quiz upon completion of course! (over 150 practice questions in total)

Synthesis Skill-wers Testimonial
The Synthesis Skill-wers online course is well-structured and comprehensive. The bite-sized videos are fun and enjoyable and taught me many rules and strategies on how to answer synthesis questions. The teachers’ explanations are clear, concise and easy to understand. I find this course very beneficial. The teachers have skilfully “skewered” all the important points to help me become a synthesis skill-wer!
— Aidan, Primary 6, Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)


Lil' Chatterbox

  1. Find out essential tips and key points to excel in reading and stimulus-based conversation

  2. Learn our unique and easy-to-apply framework to tackle SBC questions

  3. Practise with the Lil’ Chatterbox Workbook that includes 10 SBC exercises with model answers using our RASE strategy!

The online course videos were packed full with useful information about Oral, covering both the reading and Stimulus-based conversation components. The lessons were easy to understand and Leon liked how useful the the Oral Workbook is. I am sure he will use it to revise for his upcoming oral examinations. Overall, I could tell Leon really enjoyed this oral online course and I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues. It definitely created the best online learning experience for my child at home!
— Guat Tin and Leon, Primary 6

The Write Recipe

  1. Learn about how to plan your writing

  2. Know the key ingredients to create exciting content during planning

  3. See the flow of your story with our unique paragraph-by-paragraph structure (New!)

  4. Application to questions with the PSLE format

The Write Recipe Testimonial Primary 5
Shernice has tried several online learning programmes and courses before “The Write Recipe” and this is one of her favourites. The content is rich but not heavy. Mrs Chew is clear in her explanations and the fun activities and games kept her engaged throughout the lessons. In fact, she was so eager to continue the lessons on her own that she did so once she came home from school. The materials and resources given in the package are also useful to help Shernice plan her story. I am glad Shernice had enjoyed the course thoroughly!
— Mrs Yeo Parent of Shernice Primary 5, PLMGS

Grammar Grandma Bites P5/P6

1. Over 30 bite-size video lessons!

2. Unique strategies to tackle a wide range of grammar topics e.g. subject-verb agreement, neither/either type questions, collective nouns etc.

3. Targeted at P3 to P6 pupils (Or just anyone who wish to have a good grasp of grammar rules!)

Lil' but Mighty Online Course Testimonial
“We first learnt about Lil’ but Mighty from our children. They happened to chance upon their online tips and found them very helpful. We decided to sign Caitlin up for both the tuition class and the online course “Grammar Grandma Bites”. Having gone through the online course with Caitlin, we can appreciate the amount of thought and effort that have been put into the planning and structuring of the content and presentation. We too have benefitted greatly from the course. Like all parents who would like to support their children in their learning journey and revision, we found that the course has provided us with a helpful framework and enough strategies to reinforce the key points learnt in school and during tuition. We highly recommend that parents and students go through the online course together.
— Mr and Mrs Lim, Parent of Caitlin Primary 6, Nanyang Primary School

Grammar Grandma Light Bites (P3/P4)

1. Over 30 bite-size video lessons!

2. Unique strategies to tackle a wide range of grammar topics

3. Targeted at all P3 and P4 pupils who wish to have a solid foundation in grammar and take on upper primary with confidence

4. 12 Overall revision worksheets and 22 topical worksheets included (over 300 practice questions in total!)

Our Experienced and Nurturing Teachers 

Equipped with rich and relevant teaching experience, our nurturing yet dynamic teachers are always coming up with new and engaging strategies in teaching English. All teachers at Lil' but MIghty gather weekly to discuss and design materials that best tailor to children's learning needs. Alignment across the curriculum and different online courses is ensured through the weekly reflection sessions.

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