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How to Find Helping Words in Grammar Questions (Subject-Verb Agreement)

Is grammar really about what sounds right? No, it is not! An answer for a question should not be chosen simply because it sounds correct. Instead, it is important to find the helping words (or the clues!) in a sentence that will point you to the answer. 

However, many children are unsure of what these "helping words" refer to and what they should be highlighting to confirm their answers. In today's webinar, we will look at how to find these helping words for questions testing on subject-verb agreement in the grammar MCQ section. 

Helping words are there to point children to the answer and most importantly, the highlighted words justify their choice!

On the online class replay, you will learn...

1. to identify questions testing you on subject-verb agreement in grammar MCQ

2. what iDoT stands for

3. to use iDoT to pick out helping words in such questions

4. BONUS! to use iDoT in 3 tricky question types


Who is this online class replay for?

You will be interested to join us

1. If you are a parent who is looking to guide your children at home


2. If you are a primary school *student looking to score well for your Grammar MCQ

*We strongly encourage parents to accompany their children in attending our webinars so that parents can provide technical support as well as to take advantage of any promotions that we may run during the webinar.

Duration of the webinar: 45mins

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Apple iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad): You can download the iOS app to attend our webinars. 

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