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We are fast approaching the Preliminary Examination and merely two months away from the PSLE. By now, you would have attempted and should be expecting the following question types to appear in the comprehension section of Paper 2.

1. True/ False
2. Referencing
3. Sequencing

However, are you still unclear about what type of details each of these three question types require? Are you still facing difficulty answering these questions accurately? Do you still have no idea how to go about finding the answers systematically? 

If your answer to any of the questions above is "Yes", it is time for your to clear these doubts now once and for all.

Little ones and parents love us
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Lil but Mighty webinars open up to a world of learning opportunities for Kyler.

Every live presentation comes with beautiful visuals that young learners could easily connect with. The participatory approach of the webinars engages Kyler with direct interactions where his questions were acknowledged and answered on the spot. There will also be questions pose by Mrs Chew after every chunk of content delivery to check on students’ understanding before moving on to the next section.

Useful tips are highlighted and reiterated throughout the webinars. Mrs Chew uses fun acronyms that makes it much easier to remember and Kyler could apply what he has learn onto his school work.

With this versatile e-learning format, it allows Kyler to gain access to an online archive when we need to revise for examination.

Thank you for going the extra mile to help Kyler find success.
— Candy W, Parent of Kyler, Primary 6, Bukit Panjang Primary School


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If any parent is to ask how a child can prepare for the sentence synthesis section, the first area I will ask him or her to focus on is definitely direct and indirect speech questions.

This type of question has appeared in almost every PSLE and various schools' examinations. There is definitely reason for us to be well-prepared for it.

Whether you would like to give your child a head start to direct to indirect speech transformation, or are simply looking to revise some vital concepts, this webinar will help you walk away with a clearer idea of how to tackle such questions.

The visual text comprehension component takes up 8 marks in Booklet A of Paper 2 and is an area which some children will describe as a piece of cake! After all, it is a multiple choice question section, it should be simple, right? Why is it that children are not able to score full marks then?

Let us find out whether your child is making some common errors that are preventing them from scoring and the steps that they can take to clinch those 8 marks!

Is grammar really about what sounds right? No, it is not! An answer for a question should not be chosen simply because it sounds correct. Instead, it is important to find the helping words (or the clues!) in a sentence that will point you to the answer. 

However, many children are unsure of what these "helping words" refer to and what they should be highlighting to confirm their answers. In today's webinar, we will look at how to find these helping words for questions testing on subject-verb agreement in the grammar MCQ section. 

Helping words are there to point children to the answer and most importantly, the highlighted words justify their choice. Join us!