Providing exposure to higher level questions in different components

Our P4 programme strives to build on the children’s knowledge of the various components and very importantly, begin preparing them for the upper primary jump in the following year (P5). This includes providing exposure to higher level questions in different components to the children but carefully crafted along with guidance from the teacher to aid them in understanding. 

Equipping your P4 Child with essential skills

Lil' but Mighty P4 student

Essential skills and strategies that will extend till the upper primary level such as the identification of keywords, breaking down of passage, recognising the various questions types and checking of answers will be taught for writing, comprehension, grammar and other key components. To boost the Lil’ ones’ vocabulary, children will also have regular spelling based on vivid phrases for writing, word patterns and vital vocabulary including figurative language suitable for the P4 level that are sourced from past year examination questions.

Authentic texts used in our Primary 4 English classroom

To help children connect language use in the classroom to the world at the P4 level, our Mighty Communicators™ Initiative emphasises on learning about the purpose and language features of various authentic texts in the world through the use of texts like newspaper articles, movie reviews and signboards.

Lil' but Mighty P4 Build Programme Testimonial
Lil’ but Mighty not only prepares my kids for exams but also makes learning of the English language fun. They always look forward to classes and asking for make up classes!

The methods taught to write a flavourful composition and the systemic approach to tackling comprehension have equipped my girls with the skill and given them confidence. Their vocabulary have been expanding and this has aid them in many aspects, not just the ability to do well in the subject but the love for the language has grown too.
— Jann, parent of Raechelle and Renee, St Margaret's Primary School (P4 BUILD PROGRAMME)


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We especially like how the grammar rules are clearly explained and this allowed my child to apply the necessary strategies for the respective question types.

91% (SA1) to 94% (SA2)
— Audrey, parent of Michel, Juying Primary School (P4 BUILD PROGRAMME)