Unpacking and breaking down key components for assessment

Our P3 programme focuses on transiting the children smoothly to handle the more rigorous curriculum beginning at this level. As we unpack and break down language assessment into its key components, our P3s will have a clearer idea of what are to be tested eventually at the upper primary level and be guided through the new demands at the P3 level e.g. in composition and oral. 

Equipping your P3 child with essential strategies

Lil' but Mighty P3 student

Essential skills and strategies that will extend till the upper primary level such as the identification of keywords, recognising the various questions types and checking of answers will be taught for writing, comprehension, grammar and other key components. To boost the Lil’ ones’ vocabulary, children will also have regular spelling based on word patterns and vital vocabulary including figurative language suitable for the P3 level that are sourced from past year examination questions.

Teaching various language skills in our Primary 3 classroom

To help children connect language use in the classroom to the world at the P3 level, our Mighty Communicators Initiative emphasises on creating an awareness of the various authentic texts in the world by capitalising on authentic texts to teach various language skills. 

Lil' but Mighty P3 Class Features

Essential Features of the Lil' but Mighty Classroom:

Lil' but Mighty Classroom

1. Covers all components of English assessment except for listening comprehension.

2. Small class size - 6 children per class.

3. Strategies and step-by-step approach to tackle the key components of the MOE Primary English syllabus such as Composition, Comprehension, Cloze Passage, Oral, Grammar and Synthesis & Transformation.

4. Infusion of authentic resources (e.g. newspaper articles, informational texts, songs, etc.) and tasks to enrich and engage.

Our Teachers

It takes a village to raise and grow a child. At Lil' but Mighty, every child is capable of growth and the best part is that as teachers, we have the opportunity to do so with the children. Our teachers at Lil' but Mighty believe that every child is unique and building positive relationships with the children and parents opens up opportunities for learning. 

Experienced and nurturing

Equipped with rich and relevant teaching experience, our nurturing yet dynamic teachers are always coming up with new and engaging strategies in teaching English. All teachers at Lil' but Mighty gather weekly to discuss and design materials that best tailor to children's learning needs. Alignment across the curriculum and different classes is ensured through the weekly reflection sessions.

Growing with your Primary 3 children

Ms Nora teaching

Learning is a never-ending process and this applies to our teachers too. To provide innovative ways of learning and to be kept abreast of the latest pedagogy in teaching, all teachers are required to attend English workshops and share the learning thereafter. We hope that as we hunger to learn, we will inspire our children to do so too.


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