Lil' but Mighty's Primary School English Curriculum

Curriculum Description

Starter - Before Class


Our curriculum guarantees relevance to PSLE and school assessment. Through research and rigorous analysis of past-year papers, our team of teachers are kept abreast of the requirements of formal assessment and the latest changes in the syllabus. Helping children to see English's relevance to the world is just as important. Authentic learning is infused through the use of real-world materials and tasks (such as using a menu above to illustrate our curriculum). We want your children to have an edge in school and in the world. 

Main Courses - During Class


Skills-based instruction allow our lil' ones to be equipped with essential skills to tackle various question types. Topical worksheets focusing on explicit question types (e.g. True/ False questions for Comprehension) coupled with revision worksheets ensure that children have a clear understanding of the strategies needed for every component. Learn about easy & useful strategies like iDoT, RASE, the "it"-test and more!


We think for our lil' ones & never overload them with homework. Each 2-hour lesson is meaningfully used to maximise the time in class. We also know how children like to learn and how they can learn better. Bite-sized learning allows children to digest hard-to-grasp concept more easily while multimodal learning (using media and videos) and games are carried out to inject fun. Burp!


A delectable partnership with parents and children. Our lil' ones frequently reflect on their work and areas to work on in class. These are recorded on Class Dojo, an easy-to-use-app that connects our teachers to parents. Parents are kept updated about their child's progress & what is going on in class. 

Dessert - After Class


Your children have ownership over their learning as they savour the goodness after class by bringing home videos of essential skills taught in class. Empowering your child to learn helps them to be more invested in their own learning. Parents are welcome to join in the learning too!