Class Features

Lil' but Mighty Class Features

Essential Features of the Lil' but Mighty Classroom:

1. Covers all components of English assessment except for listening comprehension.

2. Small class size - 6 children per class.

3. Strategies and step-by-step approach to tackle the key components of the MOE Primary English syllabus such as Composition, Comprehension, Cloze Passage, OralGrammar and Synthesis & Transformation.

4. Infusion of authentic resources (e.g. newspaper articles, informational texts, songs, etc.) and tasks to enrich and engage.

Advantages of Small Group Tuition

Lil' but Mighty Advantages of Small Group Tuition
  • Opportunity for pupils to reinforce learning when they explain and reiterate concepts to their peers. When you teach, you learn.

  • Opportunity for pupils to learn from each other's mistakes and discover their blind spots.

  • Increased motivation in a group setting when there is friendly competition.

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