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More Class Features:

1. Covers all components of English assessment except for listening comprehension.

2. Strategies to tackle different types of comprehension questions

3. Systematic approach to break down and apply features to produce compositions rich in language and content

4. A variety of fun English challenges (e.g. wacky news reports, lyrics writing) to engage and sustain children's interest in the language.

FAQ | Primary 3 to Primary 6 Programmes

Are all the components covered?

We cover all components except listening comprehension.

Are the components covered every week?

On weeks that we are not focusing on Paper 1, we will cover paper 2 components. It is not possible to cover all components for every lesson. Hence, we focus on two or three components each week. For example, grammar and comprehension or comprehension cloze, editing and vocabulary.

How frequent is composition done?

Once every 4 to 5 weeks. A content or language strategy will be taught or reinforced before the children write a new composition. The teacher will provide written feedback on Draft 1 and Draft 2 will be written with focus on one or two specific areas. This ensures that the learning is focused and manageable instead of having children try and work on too many areas at a time.

What are the materials used?

We use a combination of our own materials and selected past year papers. Our materials are designed to focus on specific strategies and types of questions in the various areas(e.g. inferential questions or true and false questions for comprehension).

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Advantages of Small Group Tuition

  • Opportunity for pupils to reinforce learning when they explain and reiterate concepts to their peers. When you teach, you learn.
  • Opportunity for pupils to learn from each other's mistakes and discover their blind spots.
  • Increased motivation in a group setting  when there is friendly competition.

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Advantages of Small Group Tuition

1. On top of readily available resources, Lil' but Mighty small group tuition uses materials designed in-house that target specific learning needs for the various components. A range of authentic learning materials are tapped on as well to expose young ones to English in the real world.

2. We are conveniently located at Clementi Central.

3. The number of classes and spaces available is limited to ensure optimal and quality learning. 

4. We have a team of patient and encouraging teachers who work hard with our children for excellence.


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Mrs Chew teaches P4, P5 and P6 classes. 

Mrs Lily Chew

Ms Nora teaches P3, P4 and P5 classes.

Ms Nora


We are conveniently located near Clementi Central. Here is some information on getting to Lil' but Mighty.

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