English Tuition for Singapore’s
Primary Level Student

Components covered:

  • Paper 1 (Situational Writing and Creative Writing)

  • Paper 2 (including Grammar, Comprehension, etc.)

  • Oral (Reading & Stimulus-based Conversation

Through our Primary 3 to 6 programmes, we work hand-in-hand with parents to prepare their children for the big huddle in P6. We recognise a need for a systematic approach to teaching language skills. With our team of passionate and experienced teachers, strategies and a step-by-step approach are formulated to help children master the various components in English. 

However, is the PSLE the only reason for a child to learn English?

Definitely not! 

Lil' but Mighty Lil' Ones

At Lil’ but Mighty, we want our children to discover the meaning behind learning language and the authentic use of it in the real world. Infusing authentic materials and activities in our curriculum, we seek to help our Lil’ ones connect language use in the classroom to the world. There is an authentic purpose in learning English.  

Let us prepare our children for English assessment in school and even more importantly, to be brilliant language users and communicators in the real world.


Join Lil' but Mighty Primary English Tuition today because...

Lil' but Mighty English Teachers

1. On top of readily available resources, Lil' but Mighty small group tuition uses materials designed in-house that target specific learning needs for the various components. A range of authentic learning materials are tapped on as well to expose young ones to English in the real world.

2. We are conveniently located at Clementi Central and Beauty World Centre.

3. The number of classes and spaces available is limited to ensure optimal and quality learning. 

4. We have a team of patient and encouraging teachers who work hard with our children for excellence.

Lil' but MIghty Young Parents SG Parents' Choice 2016/17

Hear why we are different and why our lil' ones love us!

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