Top 3 Inaccurate Sentence Structures that You Hear in a Classroom

“Cher! How to do this?” 

“Can I go toilet?” 

“What you talking about?”

Sound familiar? These are probably things that you say in class almost every day! 

While it does sound endearing when a student calls a teacher, “Cher”, it is still good to build a habit of greeting your teacher by his or her full name. 

Unknowingly, the things students say in class can actually affect their learning and become a bad habit that is hard to correct. 

Here are the top 3 sentence structures that students should avoid using!

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Primary English Tutor | Ms Sze Li

Ms Tan Sze Li is an English Teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. As a teacher, she strongly believes that learning is a journey for everyone – student and teacher alike. After every lesson, the students leave with new knowledge. Her hope is to inspire students to become inquisitive learners who will spark a change in the world with their thirst for knowledge.