The First Write Recipe Workshop at Greenridge Primary School!

We are thrilled to share that Lil’ but Mighty completed our first primary school workshop recently!

Lil' but Mighty Primary School Workshops

Over a span of four weeks, we conducted The Write Recipe Creative Writing Workshop at Greenridge Primary school for their P3 and P4 pupils. Designed with engaging activities and interesting writing assignments in mind, we made sure that the focus to work on skills transferable to writing is not lost. Who love hands-on activities to help them understand the meaning of "a blast of cool air caressed my face"? We sure do!

The result is a whole lot of fruitful learning for the children and we know when the children said, “So fast? It has been four weeks?” Thank you, Greenridge for this wonderful time! We look forward to going to other schools to share The Write Recipe too.

Leave a comment if you would like us to come down to your school too!