Teachers Who Love English, We Want You!

We all love a good lesson.

One that is engaging during the class and after it ends, makes you feel like your time in the classroom has been worthwhile because you know you have learnt something. Planning a good lesson is a skill and it takes passion for a teacher to want to think out of the box to come up with an interesting AND effective lesson for the kids. 

Truth to be told, it is not always easy to make a lesson fun and meet the learning objectives. At times, inspiration strikes but when it does not, we come together as a team to brainstorm great ideas. How do we brainstorm for ideas? It may involve looking at the resources that are around us. For instance, we decide to capture the aroma (and odour!) of coffee, popcorn and fish by putting these items in a covered cup to help our children experience and learn descriptive phrases on smells in writing.

Here is a challenge for you today :


Can you think of any interesting idea for a great English lesson? If you are instantly racking your brains to think of one or have already thought of it, we would like you to be a part of our team! Find out more about how to apply for the Specialist English Teacher position here now.

Psst.. leave a comment with your lesson plan idea below for the rest who are just keen to share!