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Five Essentials to Score for Formal Situational Writing

While this component is only introduced in schools at Primary Five, but once you master what you need to have in your writing and show accuracy in your work, the 15 marks is actually pretty easy to bag! So let me share with you five things all students should pay attention to when they attempt a formal piece of writing.

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PSLE English | Situational Writing: Step-by-Step Guide + Free Revision Card

After some Q & A for situational writing in the previous post, I believe a walkthrough on the process of doing situational writing is in order. A lot of children neglect the preparation process before doing the actual writing and this often results in missing information or a disorganised piece of writing. Before we dwell into the process, let's have a better understanding of the requirements for content and language for this component. 

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PSLE English | Situational Writing: Q&A + Formal vs Informal Writing Comparison Chart

What will the question for 2015 be? It is hard to predict as honestly, there is no fixed pattern in the tone or text type. Hence, there is no shortcut but just to be thoroughly prepared! As you begin or continue your last stretch of preparation, here are some burning questions that you might have and their answers to help you along.

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