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I Love Reading | 3 Tips for Reluctant Readers

Hello everyone! How are you? With the closure of school to mark the end of Term 1, I hope you are all enjoying this short break! Some of you will probably relish the opportunity to wake up a little later and also have the freedom to do what you want for a week :) I usually advise my students to play hard AND also work hard during this holiday. That is because once school reopens for Term 2, it won’t be long till they will have to sit for the Semestral Examination.

Unfortunately, my advice will elicit some groans from the class as I think that’s probably the last thing students want to hear at the start of their holidays! Nonetheless, I tell them that working hard doesn’t have to be sitting down and doing assessment books. Catching up on some reading counts too!

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Newspaper: 4 Ways to Practise Oral

Hi, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year in advance 💛Before we begin our celebrations, let's look at how we can further tap on newspaper as a learning resource! We have previously shown you how to use newspaper articles for comprehension cloze passages. Today, we are going to share with you how you can use newspaper articles to help your child hone his or her oral skills! We will be introducing 4 different activities for parents to do with their children at home.

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Reading | Video: A Totto-ly Delightful Read!

Imagine getting vegetables as prizes in your school Sports Day. How about having to endure a bravery test which included walking through a cemetery at night. Or how would you like going to a hot spring for a school trip? Join me as I share with you three reasons why Totto-Chan: The Little Girl At The Window is such a delightful book. 

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5 Graphic Novels To Check Out This Holiday

Now that the year-end holiday is right round the corner, I am going to suggest to you 5 graphic novels you can check out. I know that some parents are not too keen about their children reading graphic novels because they do not see them as “real” books but let me try to convince you why you should allow your children to read graphic novels.

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I Love Reading: 6 Books & 6 Authors to Hook Your Child to Reading in 2016

The Lil' but Mighty blog is going to resume today and I am going to start by continuing my "I Love Reading" series. Instead of writing about how to make reading books more purposefully in this post, I will be recommending a list of 6 books written by 6 different authors. The reason for doing so is that books make excellent Christmas presents and even if you do not celebrate Christmas, I think giving your child an exciting and interesting book as a motivational gift for 2016 will be a great idea too!

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I Love Reading | 5 Ways to Motivate Reluctant Readers

One of the most important ingredients necessary for a child or anyone learning English is the habit of reading. Not just reading when necessary, but doing extensive reading that is enjoyable and addictive. 

If you are to describe the kind of reader your child is, which one will you choose? Is he/she...
1. a reluctant reader   > Does reading only during school's prescribed morning reading time
2. a moderate reader > Picks up a book on his/her own occasionally
3. an avid reader       > Seizes every opportunity to read and always carries a book around

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Primary English Tips | Vocabulary: Building through Reading

The most straightforward and effective answer is to read and this is definitely true. The benefits of extensive reading are far and many with vocabulary growth being one of them. However, many parents are perplexed by why their children always seem to be reading but they still have rather limited vocabulary. Bearing this in mind, here are a few points I would like to highlight about reading to build up vocabulary.

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