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PSLE English | Video: Oral Preparation Part 2: Stimulus-based Conversation

Thank you for watching the first part of our oral preparation video last week! During the 5-minute preparation, you will need to get yourself ready for both reading and stimulus-based conversation. After our 3 must-dos for reading during the 5-minute preparation time, it is time for us to look at the 3 must-dos for the stimulus-based conversation component during the preparation:

1. Take note of all details
2. Think of the first question (and the answer)
3. Brainstorm other possible questions/ stories

Let's take a look at what each of the points above means now!

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PSLE English | Video: 3 Must-dos (Reading) in the 5 Minutes before the Oral Examination

Hi all! Oral examinations have definitely started in schools and many of you are probably practising hard these few weeks. We have published several posts on the topic of oral (which you can find over here) and are glad to share that we have made a video to aid children who are visual learners. Being only 3 minutes long, we hope that parents and children who are strapped for time will find this an efficient way of learning and pick up the 3 must-dos with some verbal and visual explanations in the video. 

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