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5 Ways to Start a Primary School Composition

“What should I even type?” Ms Xie wondered. The stark whiteness of the blank page seemed to take up her entire field of vision. She was hit by writer’s block. Since her blog post was due on Monday night, she had to find a way to write something to wow her readers—and fast.

Was that introduction attention-grabbing? Wouldn’t you like to read more? Hi, I’m Ms Xie, and I’m thrilled to share with you five techniques on how to write a good introduction for your school compositions.

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Post Exam | 3 Ways To Move Forward With Your Writing

Many of you would agree with me that writing is a lifelong process. Good writers do not remain contented with what they have and are constantly doing what they can to perfect their craft. There can never be too many interesting plots and captivating language for you to learn. With the additional free time you have now that the SA2 is over, practise the following tips to help you get better at writing.

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Composition: 3 Specific Things to check for!

In terms of exam preparedness, in addition to content mastery, I personally believe that it is important for students to know how to self-check their work. 

Often, when you hear the word ‘check’, what comes to mind? I’m sure this is a word that most students are familiar with. It is definitely not an understatement to say that it is a word that is constantly on the teacher’s lips, repeated countless times, before and after students attempt their work. 

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Five Essentials to score for Formal Situational Writing

While this component is only introduced in schools at Primary Five, but once you master what you need to have in your writing and show accuracy in your work, the 15 marks is actually pretty easy to bag! So let me share with you five things all students should pay attention to when they attempt a formal piece of writing.

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