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PSLE English 2016 | Editing: Common Errors (Part 1)

Hello again! I hope the first few weeks of the third school term have been kind to all of you. Editing is a section that takes up 12 marks in Booklet B of Paper 2. There are two main categories of errors that will be tested: Spelling and Grammar. Hence, it is essential for children to recognise which category that error is under before they even attempt the question. For spelling errors, the mistake is usually a mix of letters that will sound similar to the actual correctly spelled answer. As for grammar, the mistake will usually be a correctly spelled word e.g. practice, for, their etc but the wrong form may be used. 

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PSLE English Tips | Oral: Reading Checklist

PEARS represents Punctuation, Emotions, Accuracy, Rhythm and Smoothness (Fluency). This checklist can be used by children when they practise reading on their own; parents, when you are practising with your children and lastly, educators, when you would like your pupils to carry out reading practice in pairs or in small groups. It can be downloaded at the end of the post but before you do that, here are some notes that will help you fully utilise it.

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Primary English Tips | Grammar Must-knows for MCQ

My children will know that I often talk to them about grammatical traps and the common errors that are made in the grammar MCQ section. Below is a list of these questions that children often make mistakes in. This list is helpful in highlighting the errors and how to attempt such questions but to do well, reading this list alone is not going to help. Practice makes perfect so do be diligent and practise if you really want to secure these marks.

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