Tackling 3 Important Question Types in Comprehension: True/False, Referencing and Sequencing

What did you do over the first weekend of 2019? We started the year with a bang by having Ms Nora participate in the PSLE Weekend 2019 organised by OpenSchoolbag. During the event, Ms Nora presented to an enthusiastic audience of parents and students the topic of “How to Tackle 3 Important Question Types in Comprehension”. Here are some pictures of Ms Nora having a ball of a time during the sharing.

Lil' but Mighty PSLE Weekend
Tackling 3 Important Question Types in Comprehension

For those who attended the seminar, thank you for being such a great crowd and this interaction really makes learning come alive!

By now, you would have attempted and should be expecting the following question types to appear in the comprehension section of Paper 2.

1. True/ False

2. Referencing

3. Sequencing

For those of you who have missed the presentation or would like to revisit what was covered, we are sharing with you the slides that were used for the seminar on Sunday.

Synthesis and Comprehension Workshop


For those of you who had missed the Comprehension and Synthesis Workshop during the December holidays, we will be holding new sessions in the month of February.

It is time to stop groping in the dark by working those questions with a clear idea of what they are and what needs to be done to find the answers.