Study Smart! | 3 Revision Tips for Primary School Students!

Hello everyone! With your mid-year examinations approaching soon, I believe most of you are working hard! However, for some of us, after spending many hours poring through textbooks we may still fail to reach our targeted grades. It is necessary to study smart instead so that you can maximise learning. Today, I will share with you 3 tips to help you prepare for your examination. These tips will be applicable across all subjects! I have also included a link that will bring you to a blogpost on how you can better prepare yourself for your English Language papers. So what are you waiting for? Watch our video if you want to learn more about the study tips!

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Thank you for watching the video! I hope these 3 tips would be useful to you and would help you better prepare for your examination!

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  • If you would like to learn more about how you can prepare for your Primary English Language examination, we have a blogpost with some useful tips! Click here!

Download a free template here and start planning your revision timetable!

All the best and I will see you in the next post!

Be more effective: Planning for success and following it!

3 Revision Tips for PSLE

The Perfect Study Plan

Do your children seem unable to follow their own schedule or even view planning a schedule as a chore?

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Lil' but Mighty Primary School English Teacher

Ms Cynthia is an English Teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. In her 5 years of English Language teaching experience, she has enjoyed guiding her students to explore the literary world and provide them with the tools to unpack and decipher texts. As a teacher who is passionate about the language, she hopes to inspire the children to become creative and critical thinkers who will be ready to face the challenges of the world.