PSLE Oral SBC | 3 things to avoid when it comes to answering the 1st question 

As we all know by now, the first question of the Stimulus-Based Conversation will typically be a directly-linked question based on the stimulus itself. In other words, students are expected to draw details from the stimulus to support their responses. Sounds easy and straightforward, right? However, there are some common mistakes that students should avoid if they want to secure as many marks as possible. Let us take a look at the three mistakes made by a student, Jo, who is attempting to practise for her oral examination.  

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All in all, I have listed three common mistakes that students should learn to avoid when it comes to answering the first question of the SBC. Keep these three pointers in mind: 

1) Use details from the stimulus to back up response 

2) Add in an explanation or personal response to the detail used

3) Choose the direction of response that is easier to develop. 

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