PSLE English | 2 Creative Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary

Hi everyone! I’m Ms Jocelyn, an English teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. Today, we will be learning how to expand our vocabulary. It’s not just going to be the usual ways, like reading a book or doing practice papers. Those methods are useful, but we will be looking at 2 unusual and creative ways to pick up colourful words and phrases. Believe it or not, you will be able to try out these methods to help you prepare for your examinations even when you are enjoying your school holidays!

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Overall, I have shared with you 2 creative ways to expand your vocabulary. Mastering new words and phrases is a long and continuous journey. Nevertheless, it is a journey full of fun and satisfaction. I hope that you would make use of all these different resources to enhance your learning experience. Have fun learning! 

PSLE English Tutor | Lil' but Mighty

Ms Jocelyn is an English Teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. Equipped with knowledge of the English Language system and an interactive teaching style, Ms Jocelyn has helped many of her students excel in their school assignments and examinations. As a dedicated educator, she believes in creating a safe and stimulating environment in which learners are encouraged to explore their strengths, initiate ideas and unleash their full potential.