“Our Lil’ Red Dot!" (54th National Day Contest)

Our Lil' Red Dot | 54th National Day Contest

Yay! National Day is upon us, and with that, the conclusion to "Our Lil' Red Dot"! All of your entries were amazing, but there could only be 5 winners! So congratulations Brenda Kok, Jolene Ang, Kannan Kannan, Manjula Naidu and Pam Wong! Be sure to check your Facebook Messenger inbox on how you can go about collecting your prize!

And fret not if you haven't won anything this time round, cause we've got more competitions planned! Once again, congratulations to all our winners, and Happy Birthday Singapore!

Here are the reasons why our winners think Singapore (our Lil’ Red Dot!) is Lil’ but Mighty!

Lil' but Mighty's 54th National Day Contest Winner
Singapore is Lil' but Mighty
Our Lil' Red Dot is Lil' but Mighty
Happy Birthday Singapore - Lil' Red Dot
Lil' but Mighty National Day Contest Winner