Look Back in a Flash! 3 Ways to Craft Effective Flashbacks

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! Today we will be looking at 3 ways to craft effective flashbacks. Flashback is a technique that reveals important information about what has happened in the past and it is commonly used in narrative writing. Let’s find out how you can improve on your flashbacks to make it more interesting and impactful!

I hope these 3 tips will be useful in your composition writing! Remember, improve on your flashback by ensuring that you start with a relevant context and including sensory details or emotions! See you in the next post!

The Write Recipe: GAME ON!

Set against the backdrop of a game, this creative writing workshop will:

  1. teach you to describe a setting vividly using your five senses

  2. introduce two ways of building up towards the climax of a story via characters and insertion of clues

  3. provide you with a framework (AIM) to create compelling characters

  4. aid you in adding details to the climax of a story

  5. show the transference and application of techniques in composition writing


Ms Cynthia is an English Teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. In her 5 years of English Language teaching experience, she has enjoyed guiding her students to explore the literary world and provide them with the tools to unpack and decipher texts. As a teacher who is passionate about the language, she hopes to inspire the children to become creative and critical thinkers who will be ready to face the challenges of the world.