Comprehending Comprehension: 3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Understanding Questions

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Have you ever felt frustrated when attempting Comprehension open-ended (COE) questions? 

Welcome back to the blog. I’m sure that many of you are going full steam ahead as Term 3 progresses. Yet, are you still meeting with bumps and potholes on your road to academic success? For my post today, I will be sharing about the COE component in hopes that I can help to clarify some doubts.

COE is a major component of Paper 2 in English exams. Hence, excelling at COE can turn an A to an A* for your English grade. Yet, students often struggle with it and fail to fathom what they need to do.

Comprehending Comprehension!

Doing well in COE means that you have to a) understand the passage, b) understand the question requirements and c) understand how to tackle the various question types. 

Monsters, Magic and Mayhem

Monsters, Magic and Mayhem

We discussed some reading comprehension strategies in a previous blog post. Similarly, you can find other posts on tackling certain question types on our blog!  

Hence, for today’s post, I will focus solely on understanding question requirements. Specifically, I will point out 3 errors that I noticed students committing when I was conducting comprehension workshops for upper primary students. Learn how to better grasp question requirements by watching the video below!

Lil' but Mighty Primary School Teacher

Ms. Quek is an English Teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. She is dedicated to helping her students do well in the language through a focus on the learning process. As an educator, she believes in creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for students to learn.