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Paper 2: Don't lose the marks everyone is getting!

Today, I’m going to talk about how to check for Paper 2. Given that there are many components in Paper 2, it is impossible to check each and every question once through with your remaining time. As such, I’m going to share with all of you on the things which you can zero in on to check if you only have five minutes of your time left.

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PSLE English 2016 | Editing: Common Errors (Part 2)

In the last blog post on Common Errors in editing (Part 1), I wrote about three types of common errors that you may see in the Editing section of Paper 2. These include mistakes in subject-verb agreement, the use of prepositions and in not using the infinitive after ‘to’. I hope you have found those tips helpful as you tackle that part of the paper.

As promised, here are three more typical types of editing errors. Are you ready? Good! Here we go!

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PSLE English 2016 | Editing: Common Errors (Part 1)

Hello again! I hope the first few weeks of the third school term have been kind to all of you. Editing is a section that takes up 12 marks in Booklet B of Paper 2. There are two main categories of errors that will be tested: Spelling and Grammar. Hence, it is essential for children to recognise which category that error is under before they even attempt the question. For spelling errors, the mistake is usually a mix of letters that will sound similar to the actual correctly spelled answer. As for grammar, the mistake will usually be a correctly spelled word e.g. practice, for, their etc but the wrong form may be used. 

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Primary English Tips | Cloze Passage: 3 Things to do when you are Stuck

50 minutes left. You begin on the cloze passage. You read through it once. Now, you begin doing the questions. Suddenly, you are stuck. What should you do?

This is a familiar scenario and many children end up making irrelevant, wild guesses out of desperation. Even under such circumstances, I am sure we would like to have a chance of getting the answer right and a reasonable guess will increase the possibility. What are some steps that you can take to troubleshoot and come up with a probable answer? 

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Primary English Tips | 5 Steps to Convert a Newspaper Article into a Cloze Passage

There is no denial that using English in an authentic manner is so important and this is clearly reflected in the choice of passages used in school examinations. The good news is that these authentic resources can be readily accessed from the internet and I would like to share about how these articles can be transformed into cloze passages easily. 

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Primary English Tips | Comprehension Cloze Procedure

Many kids attempt the cloze passage by filling in the answers as they read along. However, that often results in pupils missing out on contextual clues or making careless mistakes as they may not have read the sentences in totality before filling in the answers. Tried and tested, here is how a cloze passage should be completed to ensure maximum success.

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