3 Things to Look Out for When Faced with a Composition Topic!

Writing a composition can either be something that you love or you hate. Students are creative and have the urge to jump straight into writing a story. More often than not, students look at the pictures and decide what story to write. Unfortunately, many students fail to look at the TOPIC given. 

First and foremost, the key thing about writing a composition is NOT the number of words you write. Even if you are able to write a 1000 word essay, you will still be unable to score if you write completely off topic! 

My advice to students is to focus on the topic without looking at the pictures first. Using at least one of the pictures provided is a requirement but if you fail to address the topic, you will still not do well. 

Pictures given are meant to help you develop the plot, but it should not be the key focus of the composition.

Today, other than reminding you to focus on the topic, I would also like to share some tips on how to decipher the composition topic to ensure your composition does not go off track! 

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These 3 simple tips will ensure that you addressed your topic well! Have fun writing! 

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Primary English Teacher | Ms Sze Li

Ms Tan Sze Li is an English Teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. As a teacher, she strongly believes that learning is a journey for everyone – student and teacher alike. After every lesson, the students leave with new knowledge. Her hope is to inspire students to become inquisitive learners who will spark a change in the world with their thirst for knowledge.