App-y Tuesday: Prep Your Prepositions with These Apps!

Hello everyone! It is Ms Siow here again! I hope you all had an enjoyable National Day break. 

To the Primary Six students who will be sitting for their PSLE Orals this Thursday and Friday, all the best! 

I’m sure many of you are in the midst of doing intense revision and practices. As a follow up to my previous post on prepositions, I thought I would share with you three apps which you can download if you’re looking for an effective and fun way to learn prepositions. Each app is designed for different people / levels, and has its own strengths. Depending on what you need, you can try these apps out and pick the one you find most beneficial for yourself. Parents can also use them as a break time activity with your children!

Below for each app, we have shared with you how they can be used and their recommended levels. These are just guidelines and you are free to use any of these apps depending on your child’s proficiency in the language. 


App #1: English Prepositions Grammar Quiz

Recommended Level: Primary 3 and 4

A fun app where you earn points as you answer. Choose to play on the endless mode where you earn gold coins for correct answer and race against time to answer each question before the allotted time is up. Definitely an exciting game to keep you on your toes!

You can download the app here!

App #2: Preposition Grammar Quiz with Trend Articles

Recommended Level: Primary 5 and 6

This app is one of my favourites. Remember how I mentioned in my previous post that reading widely and “differently” will help to boost your knowledge of prepositions? With this app, you’ll get to kill two birds with one stone! 

Not only do you get to practise prepositions in the quiz, but you also get the option of reading the article where the question posed came from. All questions are taken from current articles from the New York Times. As these are news articles, the content and language may be more suitable for higher levels, particularly Primary Six students.

For each question, a line from the actual article will be shown with the missing preposition. When you complete the question successfully, you will be asked if you would like to read the article or to move on to the next question.

If the article piques your interest, I strongly encourage you to spare some time reading it. Simply click on “Read This Article” and you will be immediately redirected to the New York Times page.

As many of you are aware, at Primary Five and Six, you are exposed to a wider variety of texts. One of the most challenging text types is non-fiction passages. Increasing your familiarity with non-fiction passages will help to mitigate this challenge and a good place to start will definitely be through reading newspaper articles. The contextualised questions also make this a helpful tool for children who are working on the cloze passage component. On top of that, you learn vocabulary, collocations and increase your general knowledge through reading.

You can download the app here!

App #3: Enjoy Preposition

Recommended Level: Primary 4 and 5

The last app offers both quiz and flashcard options to help you in your learning. You would get a series of ten questions for each quiz.

After each set, you can choose to review the questions (especially if you have made any mistakes and want to clarify the correct answer), replay (you will start a new quiz) or go back to the home page.

You can download the app here!

Just a word of caution - the above-mentioned apps are free so do expect advertisements to pop up from time to time. However, they shouldn’t interfere with your usage of the app too much. 

As you can see, there are many ways to boost your mastery of the language and it does not always have to done through memorisation, doing plenty of grammar exercises or reading books. Incorporate new ways into what you’ve been doing to create some thrill into your routine. 

Do let me know what you think of these apps and if you have found them helpful in your learning. I definitely hope that you had enjoyed learning as much as I had enjoyed sharing with you! See you again soon!

Lil' but Mighty English Teacher

About the Author: Ms Delia Siow is a dedicated teacher who is committed to providing an environment where a child can grow and thrive. She enjoys developing strategies to help students learn in a fun and meaningful way. Through her lessons, she hopes to help students lay a sound foundation in grammar and gain independence in their work. She strongly believes that good grammar is essential in students to gain proficiency in the language and finds joy in watching the bricks of their strong grammar foundation take form.