PSLE 2017 | Oral Vocabulary by Topic!

We are officially 4 weeks away from the PSLE Oral examination. However before that, many of the Primary Six children should be getting ready for their final official practice: the preliminary oral examination, happening these few weeks.

As we prepare our Lil' ones at the centre for the upcoming examinations, we looked at the topics tested in the past two years.

What we noticed is that the topics tested are those that every child can identify with and should have experience of. This helps to ensure fairness to each child that is tested. It also means that nothing is considered too obvious or common to be tested.

How can you prepare for the topics as you are nearing the examinations then? By this juncture, most of you should be poring through previous oral practices done with your teachers or in the books you purchased. I realise that some children merely read through a page while others will be knitting their brows as they try to commit the avalanche of information to memory. Can you really memorise an entire answer? I am afraid that will be rather difficult and stressful. There must be a way to make revision and learning more effective and efficient? 

PSLE English Oral Topical Vocab List

Bite-sized is always better!

Today, we would like to share with you a way to boost your vocabulary and remember content for various oral topics. It is simply to take down important vocabulary for the oral topic as you practise. Instead of memorising an entire model answer, try remembering key vocabulary related to each topic. You know that bite-sized learning is always easier. 

Having rich vocabulary definitely helps to bump up your language score but in addition, remembering these phrases may trigger important content for your answers too. A list that is compiled for the topic of "health and fitness/ sports" may look like this:

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.10.54 am.png

The main point is to collect these important vocabulary according to main topics so that it is easier for you to revise at a glance during preparation. Here are some ideas of other topics that we feel are possible to be tested during the oral examination this year and which you should compile the vocabulary list for:

1. leisure/ hobbies/ entertainment
2. leadership, recycling/ environment
3. technology/ internet
4. neighbours and your neighbourhood
5. road safety

Eventually, your list may look something like that:

How can you use this list? 

  1. You may wish to read up on one topic each day and share the vocabulary with someone such as your parents or a friend. (It is always nice to revise together!)

  2. Read up on the vocabulary for the related topic before practising questions on that topic. e.g. If the practice topic is about sports, read up the phrases for health and fitness/sports before you start the practice with someone. During the practice, make sure to apply the phrases as much as possible.

  3. Get someone to just randomly choose a topic for you and you should try and name 3 to 5 of the phrases recorded under that topic.

  4. Add on vocabulary that is relevant to each topic or even start a new topic.

If there is a word or phrase which you are not certain about, be sure to check out the dictionary so that you can use them accurately. For parents who would like to start this early with your child who is not yet taking the PSLE,  it may be good help him or her to get started by selecting a few phrases/ words which are easier and build from there.

Wish you could have an instant list?

For those of you who do not have the time to sit through the various topics and compile your vocabulary list, we have good news for you. We have actually compiled a list consisting of up to 13 commonly tested topics, including those mentioned above and you can find this list now in our Lil' Chatterbox course!

All the best, Primary Six warriors and impress the examiners with some golden vocabulary!

P.S. For those who have already purchased the course, you will be receiving the vocabulary list of 13 commonly test topics free! They have been uploaded into the online course. You can login here to access and download the list.

The Lil' Chatterbox Course

If you are still looking for a way to do better for your oral and need a structured approach to craft your answers in the stimulus-based conversation section, we are happy to share with you that our online oral course, "Lil' Chatterbox" is now available! 

Other than our compilation of vocabulary, you will also be getting the videos to walk you through our simple yet effective framework to answer the SBC questions as well as the Oral Workbook consisting of 9 practices with model answers. Find out more about this essential PSLE English oral course here now.

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