How to Execute Direct and Indirect Speech Transformation Confidently! | PowerPoint Slides

In our most recent webinar, we are elated to have the highest number of participants with us to learn about direct and Indirect speech transformation. We hope it has been a fruitful session for everyone and we definitely enjoyed having the company of such a lively crowd! Many of you posed excellent questions regarding this section such as:

  • Is there a fixed way of changing certain keywords in the direct speech? For example, if the question has the word 'yesterday', is it compulsory to change it to 'the day before'? If yes, could you provide a list of such words?

  • The question is given in the indirect speech: Mr Koh asked Peter if he had seen Francis going to the canteen. We are supposed to change this to direct speech; so when do we use "Did" as in "Did you see Francis going to the canteen?" and when to use "Have" as in "Have you seen Francis going to the canteen?" .

  • Is it necessary to include "that" when changing from direct speech to indirect speech? Example, Mrs Tan said that they were late or Mrs Tan said they were late.

For those of you who have missed it, we are sharing with you the slides that were used for the webinar today. In the month of May, we will not be holding a webinar but do continue to look out for other tips in our weekly blog posts. 

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Lil but Mighty webinars open up to a world of learning opportunities for Kyler.

Every live presentation comes with beautiful visuals that young learners could easily connect with. The participatory approach of the webinars engages Kyler with direct interactions where his questions were acknowledged and answered on the spot. There will also be questions pose by Mrs Chew after every chunk of content delivery to check on students’ understanding before moving on to the next section.

Useful tips are highlighted and reiterated throughout the webinars. Mrs Chew uses fun acronyms that makes it much easier to remember and Kyler could apply what he has learn onto his school work.

With this versatile e-learning format, it allows Kyler to gain access to an online archive when we need to revise for examination.

Thank you for going the extra mile to help Kyler find success.

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