How to achieve a perfect score for Visual Text Comprehension! | PowerPoint Slides

This month, we had a great time sharing with you tips on how you can achieve a perfect score for Visual Text Comprehension and we love how our audience responded during the webinar as well. Thank you for being such a great crowd and this interaction really makes learning come alive! Many of you posed excellent questions regarding this section such as:

  • Is it effective to read the questions before reading the passage so that we can focus on what is asked?
  • How much time should the child budget to spend on this section?

  • Is there a list that you can make that contains a list of rare word that appear in visual text (e.g. biennial, biannual, etc)?

    (If you have the same questions in your mind, you can catch our answers to them in the replay here.)

For those of you who have missed it, we are sharing with you the slides that were used for the webinar today. Like we have mentioned, this will be a monthly feature so fret not, if you did not manage to attend this one. Next month, our webinar topic will be on sentence synthesis (direct and indirect speech transformation) so do look out for it! What are some common errors and some important steps to take note of to achieve success in that component? Register for our next live webinar session now!

With our vision to build a community of learners in mind, Lil' but Mighty launched LBMchat, a new monthly webinar feature this year. During the live webinar, we focus on teaching a strategy or addressing common misconceptions that children may have regarding English. The best part is the interaction that the live webinar provides: We are able to chat with our participants through the chat window available and viewers can even ask questions to clarify doubts related to the topic as we go along! If you have missed a certain part of the webinar or wish to watch the video again, a replay of the video is available after the session. How exciting is that? (: