PSLE English | Printable Ultimate Grammar & Synthesis Summary

Now is the time to consolidate and it is always easier to do that when you have a clear summary of the important learning points at a glance!

Today, we are sharing two printable revision lists for your P6 children in this last lap. These two lists are consolidated based on what are essential for your children to take note of. Presented in a concise table, they are intended to help your children have an easy recapitulation instead of having to pore through the worksheets and revision papers. We know how frustrating it is when you cannot find that one tricky question which you are desperate to revise before the examination. 

Ultimate Revision Lists | Grammar & Synthesis

What the downloadable lists will include:

Grammar Summary: 12 questions types that your children need to know for the PSLE

Synthesis Summary: 8 regular but important structures

In addition, for sentence synthesis revision, remember to look through:
Direct and indirect speech: Statements
Direct and indirect speech: Questions
Tricky sentence structures (non-routine)
Question types that require a noun

All the best and seize the day, candidates! (:

Online Grammar Crash Course

You never wash your toilets, _________ you?

1)    do
2)    did
3)    don’t
4)    aren’t

Think you know the answer?


Grammar Grandma Bites

1. 30 over bite-size video lessons!

2. Unique strategies to tackle a wide range of grammar topics e.g. subject-verb agreement, neither/either type questions,      collective nouns etc.          

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