PSLE English | Video: Oral Preparation Part 2: Stimulus-based Conversation

Thank you for watching the first part of our oral preparation video last week! During the 5-minute preparation, you will need to get yourself ready for both reading and stimulus-based conversation. After our 3 must-dos for reading during the 5-minute preparation time, it is time for us to look at the 3 must-dos for the stimulus-based conversation component during the preparation:

1. Take note of all details
2. Think of the first question (and the answer)
3. Brainstorm other possible questions/ stories

Let's take a look at what each of the points above means now!

We hope you have enjoyed the video and please share with us the topics that you would be interested to see in future videos. Feel free to leave us a comment about whether it has been helpful to you and if it has been, please share it with others via Facebook or even by sending the link so that others can benefit from it. It will really make our day to know that the video is a good learning platform (: All the best for the examinations ahead!

The Lil' Chatterbox Course

If you are still looking for a way to do better for your oral and need a structured approach to craft your answers in the stimulus-based conversation section, we are happy to share with you that our online oral course, "Lil' Chatterbox" is now available! 

Other than our compilation of vocabulary, you will also be getting the videos to walk you through our simple yet effective framework to answer the SBC questions as well as the Oral Workbook consisting of 9 practices with model answers. Find out more about this essential PSLE English oral course here now.

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