Primary English | Forming Simple Sentences (PowerPoint Slides)

Knowing how to construct a sentence is so important! You need to construct sentences when you are writing your composition and situational writing. In addition, you should try your best to answer comprehension questions with complete and grammatically correct sentences too. 

What exactly makes up a simple sentence? Today, we are sharing with you a presentation that we are using in the Lil’ but Mighty classroom about simple sentences. In this presentation, you will learn

  • What a Subject is

  • What a Verb is

  • What an Object is

  • What makes a simple sentence

We use these slides to emphasise to our children how a complete sentence can be formed before they write a composition or complete their comprehension practices. This presentation will be a great resource for teachers who wish to teach or revise a simple sentence structure with their kids. Parents are definitely welcome to use them too. 

We hope you will enjoy this teaching resource! Have a Merry Christmas!