2 Common Errors to Avoid When Sharing Oral Stories

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I have never helped out with household chores because I have a maid at home. So… —Low Mai Kai, Pri 6, on the topic ‘Household chores’

Last year, I attended a school camp. I did many things there and learnt a lot of interesting stuff. I wish that I could attend one again. —Low Mai Kai, Pri 6, on the topic ‘Attending school camps’

Hello, everybody, I hope you’ve been doing well! I’m Ms Quek and this is my second blog post here. Today, you will see that I have embellished my blog post with a…video!

As you are aware, Term 3 has just begun. This is the time when students, especially those in Primary Six, buckle down and prepare for imminent exams. In particular, the Primary Six preliminary and PSLE oral exams are coming up. For those of you taking them, I hope that you are practising your oral reading and conversation diligently! 

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The more challenging aspect of the oral component is the stimulus-based conversation. In order to have more content in their answers, we encourage students to share a story as part of their answers to a question. Such stories constitute experiences that are related to the topic. 

However, when I was conducting oral workshops for Upper primary students over the June holidays this year, I noticed two common errors that students tend to make when sharing a story in their answers. The above responses by a Primary Six student may give you a hint as to what these errors are. The video below will provide more details about the errors as well as some tips on how to avoid making them when you share an oral story. 

Remember: An important part of learning is getting to know your own errors and how to stop committing them. Learning from mistakes that others make is also meaningful and useful!

So let’s not wait! Click on the video below and start learning! :)

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