Our Story

After attaining a 2nd Upper Honours in the Bachelor of Arts (Edu) with a major in English, Mrs Chew began officially teaching in 2010. Through the years, her passion for teaching grew as she taught pupils with various learning abilities and personalities. Children whom she had taught will recognise her as a warm and amiable teacher with a bag of strategies to help them learn. She always believed that “Laughter is the best medicine” and that is an important ingredient in a positive learning environment. Learning should not just be stressful and boring.

Lil' but Mighty Our Story

In 2014, Mrs Chew's family is blessed with their first child. After a period of discussion and prayer, she decided that she would like an option which preserves her passion in teaching and allows her to spend more time with her child. Over the years, she found that one of the greatest excitements of teaching come from the times when she discovered new strategies in helping children learn. Seeing a child understand and being able to apply the strategies taught to help them do well gives her a sense of fulfilment which only teaching can offer. 

The idea of Lil' but Mighty was hatched.

Tuition & Blogging: The Best of Both Worlds

Tuition & Blogging: The Best of Both Worlds

The greatest joy in giving small group tuition is a teacher's ability to create greater impact in the children that have been entrusted to her care. To impact them in their academic achievement and in their attitude towards learning; to prepare them for assessment and also integration into a world connected by the English language.

The greater control of time in a small group also means the ability to use more tools during teaching. Mrs Chew enjoys the flexibility to use ICT learning tools that can engage and encourage collaborative learning in class. These tools also serve as a great platform for parents to monitor their children’s work and receive timely and constant feedback. 

Other than tuition, the sharing of tips in a community is essential in aiding Mrs Chew to preserve her passion in teaching.  Knowing that she can do more than helping only children who were in her class, Mrs Chew started the Lil' but Mighty blog to reach out to anyone who needs some help with their learning of the language. With the blog, any willing learner who drops by will be able to pick up essential English Tips anytime and anywhere. 

Lil' but Mighty Established

Lil' but Mighty Established

In favour of these opportunities to grow, the Lil' but Mighty English website was established to offer English Tips and Primary English Tuition service. From the start of Lil' but Mighty in 2015 until now, we have become a team of eight. Although the team is now bigger, every member holds the same vision and mission as what Mrs Chew had when she started Lil' but Mighty. Believing that education should take place in a community and building personal relationships with every child and parent counts, the Lil' but Mighty teams seeks to continue to bring out our best to help you achieve your best.

You, me, we: A Partnership

At Lil' but Mighty English Primary Tuition, education is a partnership among teachers, pupils and parents. We believe that a healthy attitude towards learning can be and needs to be cultivated through helpful studying practices such as goal-setting and timetabling, beginning from a young age. With constant communication and feedback, we can make a difference. Our hope is to inculcate in young ones an enduring passion for learning that will grow with them as they continue their journey in education. 

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