Ms Quek

(Full-Time Specialist English Teacher)

Lil' but Mighty English Teacher - Ms Althea Quek

Ms. Quek is an English Teacher at Lil’ but Mighty. She holds a Master of Education (English Language) degree from National Institute of Education (NIE) and a Bachelors degree from National University of Singapore (NUS). While in NIE, Ms. Quek studied research-driven pedagogical approaches to teaching the four English literacy skills—writing, reading, speaking and listening. While in NUS, Ms. Quek was also a University Scholar and honed her skills in writing and critical thinking. Ms. Quek has been an English tutor for a number of years. She is particularly experienced in teaching primary-level English. Dedicated to being an educator, Ms. Quek goes the extra mile for her students so that they may develop their individual potential to the fullest. 

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